The Governors

As little has been going on at the federal government level except press conferences and congress hurling insults at each other, dealing with the crisis from a government standpoint has mostly fallen on the shoulders of the governors. California and Nevada were the first states to issue a shelter-in-place order on the 20th and other... Continue Reading →

We escaped

On Saturday, 21 March at 8:30 AM we escaped. It was a little chilly and kind of grey this morning. Drinking coffee and looking out at the ocean, we noted that no one was around. So we made a run for it. Well, a walk for it anyway. This was actually our second attempt at... Continue Reading →

We've always been early adopters

So, why did we enter into self-imposed isolation on 12 March 2020 before it was suggested or required for people with no symptoms or exposure? We knew it was going to happen for us by the time we left Florida on the 6th –it just came much faster than we anticipated. My spouse, Greg, had... Continue Reading →

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